Friday, November 5, 2010

The week I wish wasn't.......

This past week has been a disaster, not to mention busy....

First, the fan in the truck for the heater/defroster doesn't work. And Monday morning, it was cold and snowing..great way to have to drive to work! I started the truck about 15 minutes before I had to leave, and set the heater on defrost, so eventually it did get some of the snow to melt. But I had to scrape too.

And the steering wheel was cold on my hands. I was cold by the time I got to the clinic.

Then on Wednesday, I had a dentist appointment. I got there early, and her first appointment had canceled so we could get started right away. However, then her suction thingy wouldn't work, so we had to pick up and move to another chair. Lots of fiddling there, so I guess it was good that I was early. But I missed the turn on the way there for the gas station, so I was really running on low..

Had an 11 o'clock appointment with the horse vet to do shots, but she called about 10:30 and said they were almost there. Oh great, I was still in the Springs. But the good thing was that they know my horses, and could get started. I, however, still didn't have any gas, and it was telling me I had 50+ miles til empty. Went home and then to the 80, got all the horses their shots ;>), but five of them need floats (like dental cleaning for horses) :>( Expensive.)

Then needed to get shopping done, so back out the door to the library, gas station and pharmacy before hitting Sam's and Walmart. And the truck started making squeaking noises while it was running. I know that sound, serpent belt going bad.

Got home, the chimney sweep had been there, and gone. Now back to town, downtown to Josh and John's with Gnarly. I needed reference photos for the urban landscape that I have to do for class....and the kids all have fond memories of that place. So does Gnarly now. Oh, did I mention that we completely reset the camera, and it still delays taking a picture, so now that has to go to the camera shop to be fixed.

Then dinner and back home, fed animals, called the cats in, and brushed my teeth.
Turned off the water, and I could still hear it running. Oops! Accused Clyde of leaving the water on outside, had to catch the cat so he could get up and go out the garage door to check. (got him out of bed where he was finally getting warm).

No, not there. Came back inside, pulled everything out from under the sink, and found a big puddle. Oh great...:>(

Tried to turn off the water under the sink, no luck. It stopped when we turned off the hot water from the heater. Now no hot water.

Got up Thursday morning, called the plumber, and he's trying to fix a boiler for someone who has no water, no heat. Doesn't know when he'll get done.

Not Thursday, had to go visit Bekka to take a shower.

Friday night: we have hot water, Clyde ran the dishwasher, I can take a shower in the morning! Eric worked on the trucks, but isn't finished. Maybe next week will be better.

But I did get this great picture of Gnarly:

Hope I don't have as much fun this next week!