Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The big day

April 27, 2009 at 6:30 p.m. Wyatt (?) was born in Grand Junction, Colorado. He weighed 7 lbs. and 11 oz. He's a cutie! Mom is fine, Dad is at the hospital with them. the ? is because we're pretty sure the first name is Wyatt, but don't have a middle name yet. Pictures will follow when I get home.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Grand Junction

A quick update and a story. We are in Grand Junction watching the granddaughter while Mom has her new baby brother. We arrived last night, and Rachel went to the hospital this morning. We are waiting for the new baby to arrive.

Meanwhile, we took The Granddaughter to see her mom at the hospital.
She led us into the correct door, we got instructions and headed up to Labor and Delivery. When we got the Granpa asked The Granddaughter to ask where her mom was.

So, in true five-year-old fashion, The Granddaughter walked up to the nurse at the nurse's stattion and demanded "Where's my mother?"

Nurse: "What's your mother's name?"

The Granddaughter: "Momma!"

Nurse: "OK."

After visiting Rachel for a few minutes, we went to the park, then to Burger King for lunch. When we got home, Amanda had tried (unsuccessfully) to get out the back door. Now the doorknob has dents in it where she bit it when it didn't open She did manager to open the pantry door, and enjoyed a buffet while we were gone. I have the only dog I know of that can open unlocked doors!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another thrilling 3 days.....

What is it about a forecast of lots of snow and the thought of being stuck inside the house for three days that makes people just have to get out and go someplace, or after you've been stuck for days, why do you have to hurry out just as soon as there's a little bit of a break in the storm. Is it just because you have to prove to yourself that you can get out? That you're not really stuck?

We had a situation like that Friday morning. It had started snowing Thursday night, there was already about a foot of snow on the ground and Clyde got out and scraped the driveway. That way it wouldn't be too heavy to move like it would be if he didn't do it until the storm was over.

So, I had a movie to return to the library, and we decided to go. Couldn't be too bad. I mean it was only about a foot so far. And visibility was pretty good. So we loaded up Amanda, the dog, and took off.

Above is what it looked like on the way to Monument. Pretty good visibility.

The above picture is what it looked like when we were coming back from Monument. The weather had clamped down on us, and was getting worse. And the snow was coming down faster and heavier. This is a plowed road, we still had three miles of unplowed dirt road to travel, and the snow was heavy, wet, and grabbed the truck tires. Got home, and settled in for the long winter's night.

This picture below, is Clyde moving snow on Friday morning. It's now Saturday, and it snowed all day yesterday and all night, and it's still snowing. Guess he has more to move before we can get out of the driveway.

This is what Amanda looked like every time she came into the house for the past three days. I've done a lot of mopping up after her. She just loves to go out and lay in the snow, until she looks like a lump of snow. It's just what she does.

And the picture below, is Cream, the cat, enjoying her view of the snow without ever having to deal with it. She just loves being inside where it's warm and dry!

And one of the trees close to the house snapped off because of the heavy snow. Luckily it didn't hit anything, and broke off high enough that it didn't take down the fence either.

And, I've gotten homework done today, since I couldn't make it to class. Not too shabby. Enjoy your week!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Seven years old and still cute!

Today is one of my most favorite days of the year. Seven years ago, my first grandchild was born. He is such fun, and growing into such a nice young man. Today is his seventh birthday.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Grandpa's devotion

Grandpa, also known as Clyde, has been looking for a special thing for Gabriel. He found one on craigslist.com, and made arrangements to go look at it today, Easter Sunday.

So we woke Sunday morning to a lot of snow. But, Grandpa really wanted to get this thing. So we left. There are no pictures of our leaving, we had problems with the defroster in the truck. It was blowing hot air, but wouldn't blow it on the windshield, which kept fogging over. After almost running off the road, and fiddling with the switch, it finally kicked in, but we were off the dirt road and onto pavement by then. Hodgen looked like this:

And Hwy 83 going south wasn't much better.

And here we are at the south end of the trees on 83, still not improving much. But as you can see, the road is a little clearer. The temp stayed around 31-32 degrees, so it wasn't completely sticking. We did see a lot of people who could obviously see where they were going, but weren't particularly interested in who could see them. In other words they were driving with their lights off!!

When we got to the interstate, the roads were clear. And by the time we got downtown, it was raining, mixed with snow. We looked at the thing, bought it, and loaded up the truck to come home. Easy going until we got to the north end of Black Forest Road, north of the trees. Then it was bad again. We followed the snow plow all the way to the dirt road.

The plow turned left and stayed on paved road. We turned right onto unplowed dirt road and made our way slowly home. The snow was getting deeper, and the visibility was getting shorter.

But we made it! And Grandpa brought the thing in that he had to have for Gabriel, and started putting it together and figuring out how to work it.

Now I just need to get to a store and get him a couple of books on astronomy for his birthday, and the next time he comes out, he and Grandpa can stay up and go out to look at the stars and planets in the dark.

A quiet Easter morning in the Colorado snow.....

Happy Easter everyone! This morning we woke up to a gently falling snow. No. Wind. What a relief! Well, except that it's supposed to be Easter, and honestly, how can you have an Easter egg hunt in the snow? But that's ok, Bekka is having the Easter egg hunt at her house with the grandkids. We're just snuggled down in the house waiting out the snow!

On another note, here's the kitties. They are three weeks old now, and their eyes are open! They are so cute!

Happy Easter everyone. Enjoy your blessings.