Friday, October 30, 2009

It's going to be a looooonnnnnnggggg winter

Today, I finally got out! Yes, not stuck at home. I can do my shopping that hasn't been done in the last two weeks because of the snow. So, Grandpa warms up the truck and drives it out to the street two times to knock the snow down so I can get out. And get out I did. No problems.
Well, that was the good part.

Went to the doctor's, post office, and Walmart. Then MD's for lunch, and came home. Tootled right along. It was easy!

Then I turned into the driveway. And got stuck right out there by the street. So I hauled the groceries in by walking, and then went out after lunch to dig the truck out. Grandpa was kinda like "What do you think I'm going to do?"

I dug out 3 of the 4 wheels, and started on the one that was really buried, and along comes a neighbor in a red truck with a tow strap.

"Are you stuck?" he asks.

Well, duh! "Yes, I'm stuck."

So he gets out, attaches the tow strap, and he pulls the back to the left, while I back out, and
I'm out! So I stop right there. Not going to get stuck again. Call Clyde, tell him I'm out, and can he please come drive the truck into the driveway.

I bet he was surprised that I got out so fast. Like about 20 minutes of digging was all!

This is the second time in two weeks the truck has been stuck. It's going to be a long winter down here.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

How the snow flies......

Bet you thought you were going to see photos of the almost 2 feet of snow that's lying around our yard and drive right now (and yes, it's still coming down, but not as much!). This is how Amanda looks when she comes back inside. She plows thru the snow with her nose to the ground.

I've been painting today, it was a work day, but the clinic is closed because of the snow. I couldn't get there anyway. We haven't seen a snowplow yet. So we've sort of hunkered down and stayed inside where it's warm.

I know, I've got to get pictures taken of my paintings and post them here. I do have a couple of cool ones, if I do say so myself, that I think you'll all like.

Grandpa posted something over on his post. I think he's taking a poll. And yes, we do have goose and gander rules. But we also have gander and goose rules, so my vote is that it all evens out in the end. What about you? Do you have goose and gander rules at your house?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ugh! Maybe this will help spring come early?

It's 6 a.m. on Wednesday morning. The snow has arrived! But not too much yet. It's quiet outside (and yes, I've already been out, why you ask? Amanda of course!) and the snow is very fine, light stuff coming down. Everything is covered again, but only about an inch so far.

The temp is at 24 degrees. Not as bad as three weekends ago when the high was about 19.

The (make that my) truck has a new driveshaft, it was fixed on Monday. You gotta love a mechanic that comes to you, or better yet, comes to your broken truck, and fixes it by crawling under it in the snow to fix it!

Grandpa's truck has a new seat controller, so now the seat moves back and forth, so both of us can drive it now. But really, Grandpa is the only one that has to drive again.......I'm not driving in this stuff!

So, what's your morning like?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

a short discussion

Grandpa: "I'm tired of winter already."

Grandma: "But Dear, it's only October!"

I guess cold, snow and a broken drive shaft will do that to you...

Have a good day.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Back to the park last weekend

So, last weekend, it was back to the park. After feeding the ducks. I did take more pictures than just the feet!

Started out playing by the water....What is it about water that fascinates kids? Unless it's bath water of course!

After digging, and throwing rocks into the lake, they found a tree to climb on. A good tree, it was close to the ground!

The littlest one thought this was lots of fun!

But you can see that Miss M wasn't all that interested in the climbing! But she did sit on the tree with CJ for a picture.

I did get a good picture of her, though.

Got pictures of G sitting on the tree.....

and making like a leopard in the tree.

And, of course, I got one of Granpa laying in the grass. He does that well, sometimes.

I would put up the photos I took after Grandpa got my truck stuck in the snow on Wednesday, but he already posted about that here.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Went to the park yesterday after feeding the ducks behind the library (slept too late and weren't ready to go to the zoo until 9:30. Would have put us there with all the other visitors and we like to go early and have the zoo to ourselves).

After watching the kids play for a while, I noticed these:

Big feet:

Middle feet:

Little feet:

Only that's not the way it is. You have to swap middle feet and little feet, because the 2 year old wears a size larger than the 4 year old! He'll be catching up with the big feet pretty soon.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Woweeee!!! Look what you can see !!!

Clyde posted some of his paintings. You can see them
here !!

He did a good job, and now I've got to get going and post some of my stuff. Nothing like a little competition!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Grey day, grey mood.....

No pictures today. It's a cold, cold grey day here. I woke up to a temp of 13 degrees, and it's only up to 20 degrees right now. The fog here has lifted a little, so the sky is just a blah grey.

The drive to class this morning was quite eventful. First, I skidded pulling into Wayne's to feed his horses. So now Clyde's's a lot safer that way. (Whole other story why I'm doing the driving right now.) Then, in Monument, guess what? There were only about 3-4 vendors at the farmers market, and the pastry lady from Castle Rock couldn't get here because the the pileup on I-25 at Larkspur. So, McDonald's it was.

In McDonald's we heard about the freeway being closed going north, and that it was closed going south of Colorado Springs. And when we started down to class, there was an accident on the freeway. We got off at Briargate Parkway, went down to Academy and got back on. Ok, not so bad.

Uneventful all the way down to the Bijou exit. Cops in the turn lanes to go east. Bridge closed.
Tow truck manuvering to get a pickup off the bridge. Bus resting on a lamppost. Ok, so we went west, and turned to go down to the Colorado Street bridge. Guess what? Closed.

Now these are the two newest bridges over the freeway to get into downtown. Guess they made them too steep, they collect ice and become major hazards. Had to turn around and go all the way north to Uintah to go UNDER the freeway, then back south to ppcc campus.

After class, still foggy, bridge at Bijou still closed, firetrucks with lights and sirens heading north on the freeway (the direction we needed to go). Went back up to Uintah, turned east, and thru town to go back to Wayne's and feed horses and then home.

The house is cold, the outside is cold, it's snowing a little.....How much grayer can it get??