Thursday, May 26, 2011

From the party

This year, I actually made the old man a cake for his birthday. Got a good recipe for a carrot cake, made entirely from scratch. Yes, this was more than dump a box of ingredients and some egg and oil into a bowl and mix it up. Actually had to grate the carrots, chop the nuts, and mix all the ingredients. Then floured the pans, and baked the cake.

Then I made cream cheese frosting, and decorated it with large gumdrops cut for petals and reeses pieces for the center of the sunflower. Spread the frosting over the top of the cake and let it drip down the sides.

Yes, it does look a little concave in the middle. Why do you ask? I BAKED it!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Spring in Colorado...always a surprise!!

Spring is a wonderful season in Colorado. Mostly because a lot of years, it doesn't actually happen. We jump straight from ski season into road repair season. This year, road repair season has actually started, and ski season isn't done with yet. Therefore, no spring.

May 5, 2011:
I think it's really cool to see spring flowers covered with snow! They always look so pretty.

Then, two weeks later we had the craziest weather. These are coming home from shopping on May 19.

Looking west, there was blue sky and sunshine.

Looking north it was a completely different season.

And looking east, still winter.

What you can't see here, is about 15 miles east of here there was a tornado. And we had lightning and thunder during the snow storm. I call that thunder snow.

Autumn is another season that can disappear overnight here, but you'll have to wait til September or October for those pictures.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Another zoo day and some flowers

These are the flowers that Ed and Rachel sent me for mother's day. That was a really nice surprise. I have to admit that when I saw the box on the counter, I thought that Clyde had sent them to me, but no. Ed picked them out and had them sent. I hope he did something like this for Rachel too. Thanks you guys!!

Miss M is wishing for her two, er, no, three front teeth for Christmas. But wait, there's another loose one on the bottom, so I guess she's wishing for her FOUR front teeth for Christmas. Alls I got to say, is taking a bite of something is not going to be easy for her for a while. No front teeth at all!!
We got up and went to the zoo on Saturday. First really nice, sunny, and hot day we've had all spring. What, spring, do we even get that season here? Naw, just goes from winter to summer all in a 24 hour span. But the kids were happy to be outside and enjoying the nice weather.

And where's the fun if you can't make faces at the camera?

One of the really big chairs at the Big Backyard exhibit. They all tried to catch the chickens that were running loose, but thankfully they weren't able to. I just had visions of beak marks all over their arms and hands.

The playground below the Big Backyard has cement mushrooms (toadstools?) that are for climbing on. G was able to climb them all, he is the tallest, and they did have some conveniently placed steps and handholds.

C however, couldn't reach the steps, so he just climbed up the front of this one. Grabbed the ledge with his hands, and swung his legs up and walked up the front. Just like a mountain climber (or goat if you wish). That kid is going to be something.....can you say grey hair Bekka?

Miss M was able to get this close to a peacock and grandpa got her picture. Just before G came over and scared it away.

The daffodils were in bloom, and they were gorgeous! Now, where are mine? I've not even got a little green sprout coming up. Maybe next year if they don't rot in the ground....

And after the first time Clyde lost us in the monkey house because he was doing this, I caught him at it some more. Really, we walked by him at least two times in the monkey house, and he never even looked up. Then we left, and he had to call to find us. Course, then I had to go back and find him because the stroller wouldn't go thru the door that we used. So here he is outside of the otter pond.

And here outside of the Big Backyard.......

And here in the playground. What a way to enjoy the zoo.

OK that's all I have to say about being busy texting. Guess you can get the gist of what my feelings are about it..;)