Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Quilt that Mom and I made

While I was in El Paso, my mom and I made a quilt. This is from material I bought last year in Grand Junction when Bekka took me to the quilt store there. It's waited an entire year to be put together, but I thought it was the perfect project for us to make together since my mom is a superb quilter. This was a two day project, with both of us working on it.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Cat

This in my bathroom sink. All ready to be used:

My point......

This is my bathroom sink when I want to use it:

Furby makes himself right at home!!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Very long holiday post

I have been totally remiss in updating this blog. So, here's 3 or 4 blog posts in one. If nothing else, I am efficient.

Blog 1:

We had the kids help with the decorating. So, this is not one of my cheapo, buy the tree on clearance on Dec. 24 trees. But is wasn't terribly expensive, and it sure was a full, squatty tree. First we made a Gingerbread house. (We also made a Gingerbread train, but that didn't turn out as good!). This is one of those kits that you can buy at WalMart.

Let me tell you, they are not as easy as you would think. And the icing sets up like concrete--it can take days to get if off your counters!!

Next we have the kids decorating the tree. CJ first. It was easy to tell where he put his ornaments, front and center at the bottom of the tree, 2-3 ornaments on a branch!!

Next up is G. He's older, so he has the concept of decorating a tree pretty much down. He can even get the back of the tree so from the outside of the window it has ornaments!

Next up is Miss M. She's getting older, and really likes to decorate the tree. She had to have all the glass balls to put on the tree!.

And somehow I missed a picture of the tree, which really looked good, especially when we had all the presents under it.

Blog 2:

This year, I decided that the girls' Fancy Nancy needed a new outfit. I made three of these outfits for three different Fancy Nancys.

Blog 3:

After Christmas, for the first time since I have lived here in the Springs, we went to the Electric Light Parade at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Great lights, lots of animals out (but my favorite, the grizzly bears, were hibernating......Bah!!), and not too cold. We all went, five grandkids, daughter, two daughters-in-law, and one son. Oh yes, and Grandpa and Grandma.

Goofing off.

One red tree, I really liked the lights!

A sunflower by the Big Backyard exhibit, taken diagonally on purpose (in case you were wondering......no I hadn't had anything to drink!)

And this one that I especially like. Those lines of light in the background are the city lights framed by the zoo lights. It was a magical view!!

The youngest, W, in his stroller. Only way to stay up with this one!!

Outside the zoo, CJ starting to climb a tree.

Blog 4:

We still have snow in our backyard. There has been no warming to melt this stuff, so it's the same stuff that fell at the beginning of the month. Miss M in all her winter glory:

We took the sled down into the gully behind the house in the hopes that the snow was deep enough still to sled. It was, knee deep at the bottom. So we did some sledding. W was really into this, I don't know if he had done any before, but he really wanted to go.

Miss C helping her brother go down the hill:

And Mom had to get involved. She did remark that sledding with a 2 and a half year old was a lot of work!

Miss M thought this was a lot of fun!

And Miss C was really getting into it!

Mom and W on another run.....look at that look on Mom's face!!

CJ thought it was fun too!

And W at the bottom of the hill....

Miss M and CJ at the bottom on the last run:

It was a busy day, and the hot chocolate we had afterwards was really yummy!!