Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas presents that I made

I was busy getting ready for Christmas, but I couldn't post these until the girls got them. And we had a delayed Christmas yesterday, so that everyone could be here.

I made clothes for the fancy Nancy dolls that I gave a couple of years ago, or rather pajamas and a robe.
Three different sets.




Then, I found leggings and shoes at Walmart, and added t-shirts to complete the outfits.


Then, Cordelia wanted a doll bed.  Boy, those things are expensive!  Even on Amazon, for the American Girl sized dolls.  So I found instructions on the internet, and this is what Grandpa and I came up with.  He made the trundle bed and painted it, then I painted on the decorations, made the mattresses and pillows and quilts.

Turned out quite nice I thought.

Isis didn't have a skirt made out of this tinkerbell material, and I had a pair of purple clogs, so I finished it off with a pink peasant top.

Then Luna wanted a Disney Princess doll, and they were reasonable.  (I mean, American Girl dolls are expensive, and Fancy Nancy was discontinued a couple of years ago, so they are also expensive now).

I got her a Belle doll (they are toddler versions of the princesses) and are smaller than the Nancy dolls.  There are also NO. PATTERNS. for making these doll clothes.  I had to adjust the 15' baby doll patterns to fit.  Hopefully, by next Christmas that problem will be remedied.  So this is what I cam up with:

t-shirt and pants:

A dress cut down from the 18' doll patterns, and the sunglasses, straw bag, and hat are accessories for the 18" dolls that I found at Walmart, but they fit just fine.

And pajamas from the baby doll pattern:

So, the 4 girls now have some fashionable doll clothes, and I'm done until next year.
Or maybe I'm just done!