Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March 26, 2013

After all that's happened in the past month and a half, I'm not sure I am ever going to catch up with project life 365 and their word a day. I guess I'll just wing it and make a commitment to post once a day if I can. I may use their words as inspiration.

 An update: I am home from the hospital, came home on Sunday afternoon. I was there from Friday onward. Apparently, the hernia sergery kicked off an episode of blood clots, which I had never had before. I did come home from surgery on oxygen (a hint maybe that something was wrong), and about 10-11 days after surgery I started being very short of breath in the afternoons. Oxygen level was staying up because of being on oxygen. At the post op with the surgeon, I mentoned the shortness of breath, and she said to get to the primary care doctor now, because it could be pneumonia or blood clots. With Jim dying during this couple of weeks and John back in the hospital, I figured it would be the worst. When we called primary care, they said go straight to urgent care, and that doctor listened to what was going on in my family, and took blood (lots), xrays and a ct scan, which showed clots in both lungs. No wonder I couldn't breathe!

 I got an ambulance ride (about 5 miles long) to the hospital, went directly to a room, and there I sat until Sunday. An ultrasound showed no clots in my legs (a relief).

 My poor husband. His wife was in the hospital, he had dogs and horses to feed, and we were getting our first spring blizzard, and an 80 mile round trip.

 Ed already had vacation scheduled and Cordelia was on spring break, so they drove down on Monday. Rachel has been a huge help, I am so lucky to have her.

 Also, they brought a toy for Rosie. His name is Wyatt.

After a morning of playing with Wyatt, Rosie is totally worn out!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March 6, 2013 Daily Commute

The daily commute:

 1. from the bedroom

2. Through the kitchen

3. Into the office to his desk
ps.  I made him get dressed for these pictures.  You can imagine the reality!!

In my bag topic for Feb. 20, 2013

Today's another make up day. This for Feb 20, 2013, In my bag.

I have a nice sized bag.  And for winter, it's packed full.  There are the usual:  wallet, sunglasses, keys (3 different sets), a comb, pens, a pocket knife, a glass cleaner cloth, a tape measure, 3 different thumb drives, and an envelope full of coupons for shopping.  In addition there is a point and shoot camera, and gloves, hat and scarf. 

The reason I got this bag, it's the red in the background with horses on it, is because, when I dump a lot of this stuff, I can fit my wallet and sunglasses, and my good camera in it.  Also because I love the red horses on it.  And because the one Bekka got me for Christmas one year was wearing out and I didn't want to embarass her by going back to my walmart denim totebag.  She thought that made me look old (?) and like a bag lady!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

More from February 20,2013

The word for February 20th was MORE

 We had snow the previous weekend. Then on the night of the 20th, we had MORE. These pictures were taken on the morning of the 21st after the sun came up.  First is our doorbell.


Kory, enjoying the sun after the snow.

Then, on the weekend, while I was home and Clyde was in San Diego, we had a blizzard. With all the blowing snow on Sunday, I never left the drive. I stayed home the entire Sunday, and missed my weekly hot chocolate and newspaper. These were taken on the 26th.

Gnarly on the back deck.  You can see the snowflakes against his black fur.

The snowflakes didn't show up so well in this picture:

I took this one on the 27th.

And yesterday, I posted the pictures of the storm on March 4. We still haven't melted, and we have MORE snow forecast for Saturday.

This is typical "Springtime in the Rockies"!

Monday, March 4, 2013

March 4, 2013 Big Personality

Today's word: Big Personality

If nothing else, Colorado's weather, vistas, sky all have big personalities.  Today was no different.

At 11am, leaving the house.  You can barely see Pike's Peak in the distance.  The clouds were huge, and spread out.  They were also pretty low...just above 14,000 feet.  You can see the vastness of the landscape, and of the mountain.  It is a long ways off.  You could also say, just another crispy cold day in Colorado.

Four hours later, coming home:  visibility was pretty much gone.  In fact, you could barely tell the pavement from the road edges.  If not for fences on the way home, I could easily have run off the road.  In some places there were complete whiteouts.

This was a big personality day weather wise on Colorado today.  At least where I live.

March 3, 2013 Trouble

Today's word: Trouble

 It's been a while. I got sidetracked and then couldn't get back to doing this.  I guess that's trouble enough.

I'm going to try to go back and pick up the almost two weeks that I've missed.  Well, maybe not all of the two weeks, but most of it.

For today.  Rosie, thy name is trouble.  Or is it, Trouble, thy name is Rosie.?

Any way you look at it, she is trouble.  These scissors, for example:

She took them off the counter and this is what is left.  Now, in the past month, she's destroyed a plastic comb (my favorite one), a container of dental floss (spread up and down the stairs), a knitted scarf (oops, make that two knitted scarves), a pair of shoes, and she's chewed on one of Clyde's  leather gloves, and one of my hiking boots.  And, the thing that Clyde has to use to log in for work.  And two bags of potato chips that Clyde left on his desk.  She seems very attached to his desk.  And why shouldn't she be?  There's always something there to chew on.

Rosie, your name  is trouble.  You keep getting into it!