Sunday, April 5, 2015

Grand Junction day 5-6

Lots of pictures coming up.

We finished the pajama pants that Cordelia made on her new sewing maching.

These are the adult children  (L-R) Ed, Rachel, Bekka, Brent.  I don't get too many chances to get the adults to sit still for pictures.

And here are the 4 grandkids (L-R)  Wyatt, Cordelia, Molly, Connell.  Clyde was amazed when he saw this picture because although Cordelia is 17 months older than Molly, and Connell is 23 months younger than Molly, the difference in height was astonishing. 

This is Mt. Garfield.  The kids and I walked (hiked) down to the gazebo, and they took out their sketch books to draw.

Cordelia drew the mountain.  I'm not sure you can see this very well, but she did an excellent job.

Ed fixed the swing in the backyard.  Both kids (Cordelia and Wyatt) were thrilled!  Wyatt even proclaimed that Ed "was a cool dad!"

And then the fun began.  To work the swing you have to have some muscle to get started.  That job fell to the grownups.

And the kids enjoyed the swinging.

No grownups were exempt from swinging kids.  Even Bekka had to get out there and throw the kids around.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Grand Junction day 4, March 24, 2015

The fourth day in Grand Junction. We went to Main Street downtown. Grand Junction, like Colorado Springs, and many other places, has sculpture displayed on the streets. These are usually large, some can be climbed on like the apes below. Some look like rock formations that the kids can climb on also.

 Here are two monkeys on the apes.

Met up with Bekka and Brent and their two.  Cousins are fun to have around.

And so that you know that we do have flowers in Colorado as early as March, here are some daffodils that were already blooming in Grand Junction.  Course, their growing season is longer, they are about 3000' lower than here.