Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Perspective

The other day (last week) the Old Man in Black Forest described taking the two dogs for a walk. Well, let me tell you, he completely understated the entire adventure.

I took Gnarly, the small Newf. He's a very enthusiastic two year old. The Old Man took Grizzly, the larger, and much more sedate Newf.

After about a quarter of a mile of Gnarly jerking me forwards and backwards while trying to play with Grizzly, Clyde suggested that we trade dogs. This worked find for a short while. We got to the spot where the two yellow labs come running out from their yard to greet us.

Not knowing that we now had TWO Newfs, they happily charged out. Grizzly perked up his ears, well as much as a Newf can perk up its ears, and ran forward to greet them.
They stopped, took one look at this huge dog and turned tail and ran.

Griz followed, happily pulling me along (totally a non match for me!). I let go, not knowing that Clyde was right behind me being pulled by Gnarly, who was desperately trying to catch up with Griz.

So I'm trying to stop, Clyde is trying to hold onto Gnarly and push me out of the way. Fortunately, he realized that something had to give, so he let go of Gnarly.
Both dogs disappeared into the yard after the labs.

Wisely, I let Clyde go after them.