Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving highlights

Well, Thanksgiving was really interesting this year, and since we only had family and Brandi and Ella, everybody missed the excitement.

Started with PWs Lazy chili rellenos and sour cream muffins with blueberries for breakfast. Will have to work on the chili rellenos some more, they were a little runny, but very tasty.

Then Clyde started on the turkey. We had a big one (22 lbs.) and he put it in a turkey bag like we have done for the past 24 years, and I did for lots of years before that.

He put the turkey in the oven at about 11:30 am. We proceeded to cook the rest of the meal, while enjoying the peach margaritas that have become a mainstay of our entertaining.

These are really, really good margaritas, that I found the recipe for on Noble Pig's blog.

At about 2:30, Clyde noticed some strange light coming from the oven. He opened the oven door, and flames came pouring out the door. He shut the door, thinking, I guess, that he would starve the flames of oxygen. He did turn off the oven, and then opened the door again. More flames! He started yelling "leave the house! go outside!" while he attempted to take the turkey out of the oven. James hovered behind him, cautioning "don't spill the grease!" Brent took all three kids out on the front deck. The fire alarm started going off.

Clyde got the turkey out of the oven, and the flames went out. He's yelling "where's the fire extinguisher!" Which we bought 17 years ago when we bought the house, and it's been MIA for many years now. (item one on the shopping list: buy a new fire extinguisher).

Had to open windows and doors and fan the smoke away from the fire alarm, which continued to go off. Got a little chilly in the house. Had to peel the plastic cooking bag off the turkey. Didn't get much in the way of juices to make gravy.

And thru the entire excitement, I never thought to pick up the camera and take a picture!

So, no picture of the flames coming out of the oven.

Right after the fire was out, the alarm was off, Brandi walks in the door. We're all, like, "Wow, you missed all the excitement!"

Needless to say, I am thankful that I don't have to rebuild the house, we did have a turkey dinner, and we enjoyed ourselves all the way until about midnight when we finally gave up playing games and went to bed.

Here is Miss M.

And here is CJ enjoying the pumpkin pie that he and Miss M poked their fingers into yesterday.

Hope you all had a quiet Thanksgiving. Oh, and we have to clean the oven, and make sure it's not going to happen again, or item number 2 on the shopping list is a new stove. And I think I just may make item number 3 on the shopping list a turkey roaster, so we don't have to use the cooking bags again!

You can read another version of this story Here.


Jo said...

Omigosh, Susie, I love stories like this. What fun! I'll bet the peach marguerites made it even more fun. I'm glad you had a wonderful turkey and Thanksgiving anyway.

Omigoodness. :-)

Rachel said...

How eventful!!! Glad to hear you are all safe.