Saturday, December 5, 2009

Colorado Christmas Tales

It occurred to me that I should save some of my memories of Colorado. We moved here in 1982. Totally unprepared for the weather. The kids never had snow fall in their yard before. Ed wasn't used to playing in the snow, and kept freezing the tips of his fingers and having to come inside to warm them up. But he always went back outside to play in this stuff.

Christmases became really exciting!

Our first Christmas here, it snowed. (Actually it was a blizzard on Christmas Eve Day.)

We had a white Christmas! My first ever (and I was so old then). The snow covered the front steps.

When we got up in the morning, Bekka discovered a new bicycle under the tree for her.
(Bekka always had 'bedhead' when she got up. The hair was like cotton.)

Ed had new tires for his bike, and one of those big Star Wars war machines (I can't remember what they were called, but it added to his collection of Star Wars toys.).
See all that red hair and freckles that he had?

Anyway, Ed and Bekka were supposed to fly down to Phoenix that day to spend the rest of Christmas with their dad. Unfortunately, the couple of feet of snow we got, wasn't the worst in the state. Denver got over 3 feet of blowing snow, they had huge drifts, and the roads weren't plowed. There was no way to get to the old Denver airport to put the kids on the plane. (I had them flying from there because it was a point to point flight-no changing planes or anything.)

So, we flew down for President's Day in February instead. Figured that wouldn't happen again.

Stay tuned for Christmas 1983!


Rachel said...

Grandma, I loved your post!!! The pictures are the best.
♥♥♥ Miss you!

Shamrockgirl said...

so I'm looking at this at work and the guy i sit next to exclaims, "no fair! your brother got an AT-AT!" haha!