Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pictures from the last two weeks

The last couple of weeks, I have had lots of chances to get pictures of my grandchildren, especially the two that live in Grand Junction, since they came over for Christmas. So here, in no particular order, are by babies.....

Wyatt, 8 months, eating. This kid is so cute, and just crawling. And boy can he be fast!

Miss M in the snow the day we went to feed the ducks, and try out G's camera.

Another Miss M on that snowy day.

G trying to con the ducks into coming and getting the piece of bread so he could get a good picture.

Another G at the duck pond.

CJ at the duck pond. He has that UGLY bandaid on his face because he fell and scraped himself. That kid has more scrapes and bumps than any kid I know. But if you just watched him for a couple of minutes, you would know why. He has no fear. I've seen him jump off benches or rocks that are 2 feet off the ground. And he doesn't think about it at all, he just jumps!

This one is Cordelia with her baby brother Wyatt. From what I understand, she is just like any big sister, and she tries to manage him. At least she is big enough to manage him. Today at the zoo I watched Miss M grab CJ by the hood of his sweater and fling him around because he was touching the fence, at least that's what I think is the reason. She got put in the stroller to sit until she could apologize. And she is SO STUBBORN when she has to do that!

The night after Christmas, which was Christmas for us, since we postponed a day, Cordelia fell asleep on cousin Baxter. Long story, James and Solitare are providing granddogs and grandcats, not grandkids!

And here is pretty Cordelia on her way out to help Grandpa feed the horses. I think she misses that, not living here, because she was always ready to go!

So there's my gorgeous grandkids. They're growing like weeds, and I'm sure gonna miss this stage in their lives when it's over.

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Rachel said...

Hey, can you share the pictures you took at Christmas with me? I still have to get the ones from Ed's camera off. Oy!
When I do and if they are keepers I will pass them onto you.

you got so great shots. Your grandchildren are beautiful including the kids from J and S. :)

Hugs to all! Oh and Happy New Year