Sunday, February 27, 2011

Warning....really long post.

Well, it's been a long while. Since before Christmas, but it's not all my fault. Clyde has been hogging my computer. I bother him if I'm in here while he's working, and since he's taking classes at CTU now, after work he needs it for his classes. And he will deny it, but everytime I sit down in here while he's work, he asks "Don't you have something to do? You're bothering me and I might need the computer."

So all I manage is the bank accounts while he is out feeding the horses, or first thing in the morning while he's still sleeping. ERRRRRRRR!!!!

So this first picture is me in the hat and scarf that Bekka made me for Christmas. Sorry about the quality of the picture, I don't usually try to take them in the mirror. I know others do this just fine, but it's not my best work.

Last weekend, Rachel brought the kids over to visit. She finally has reliable transportation so she can come without Ed if she wants. It was a very busy weekend, so I didn't get many good shots. But that's not all my fault. The nerds weren't doing a whole lot. Here they are with Cordelia playing the game and G and M watching intently.

This is Miss M on the computer when she finally got a turn. I missed the best shot of the weekend, that was Wyatt with the earphones on, sitting at the computer with his hand on the mouse looking like he knew exactly what he was doing.

We had strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream for desert one night and as you can see, they loved it!! Wyatt is coming out of his shell, and is much more personable, and he didn't even cry when I went near him.

Thursday, Brandi and I went to Dream Pastries to change out the paintings that I had up there. They had been up for about 3 1/2 months and it was time. We went with a flower theme. So here are my latest paintings (all copyrighted of course.). This one Brandi suggested that I title 'Garden Party'. I am so not good at titles. Not enough imagination.

This one is an older one, and I'm calling it 'Ladybugs' even though there are sunflowers in it too.
Clyde wasn't sure about this one, until I brought it home framed and he hung it on the wall. Then he liked it.

The top two are quarter sheets of watercolor paper, so about 11 x 15. The next one, while the photo came out smaller (I had to crop off some blurs around the edges) is a half sheet of watercolor paper so 15x20 just for the painting. I'm calling this one 'Promises'. Can you guess why?

Here is what the wall looks like. Mine are on the left, and Brandi's are on the right. She is using more subtle colors and experimenting with monochromatic colors. I'm still the bright, in your face colors that I really like. Maybe eventually I'll try the more subtle colors.

Dream Pastries is on Perry St. in Castle Rock. The have the best lunches and pastries! We had lunch there, and brought a lot of pastries home, along with chili and a sandwich with potato salad for Clyde. They even make their own mayonnaise there. Really a great place to eat.

Today we went to Petsmart to get X a rabies shot so we can get him groomed. I've managed a little around the ears and head, but I can't get all the mats out. He is going to be a lot less fluffy for a while after all the mats come out and before the hair grows back. This little girl came along, and she really likes dogs. She stayed and petted and talked while her father did his shopping.

Got right down on the floor with X, and petted and hugged. No fear at all.

And here's a face picture of X that I took. He's got a really sweet face, and it's about half again as big as Gnarly's. His eyes are larger too. Everything about him is larger......

I'll try to update more. Just have to get to the computer!


oldmanfromblackforest said...

Excuses, excuses... Susan her very own portable computer that she can take anywhere complete with access to the photos. I moved from my awesome office downstairs to the upstairs library at Susan behest (insistance). I use the main computer to listen to the radio while I'm working as well as for homework during meetings and while I'm waiting on works running on my overloaded work computer.

At the risk of really irritating my lovely wife, I'm going to tell you what she really does instead of post to her blog.... No, not facebook or facebook games. "solitare" not my lovely daughter-in-law. The cardgame via computer. OMGoodness is it annoying, the sound effects are worse than Gabrials games.

susie said...

Well, the network drive doesn't come up when this little computer reboots, and I have to try to figure out how to do that everytime. Then there is no photoshop on this little computer so no way to edit the photos. And then the screen is too small to do anything with anyway. It's just good for reading stuff and connecting to the internet. Oh, and I can't run quicken from here either. It's pretty basic.

And the radio is no excuse because once he turns it on, it still plays even when I log in on my account.....excuses, excuses....

I guess I'll just have to get him a little notebook like this, and he can run his radio off that.