Sunday, April 3, 2011

Misc., and Grand Junction

At the end of February we went to feed the ducks. They weren't eating, just swam around. Clyde figured it was mating season and they weren't interested. Oh well.

Here's the Miss M with the feather she found.

Here's Mr. G showing off for the camera.

And here's Mr. C being a copycat!!

After the non feeding of the ducks, we went for gelato. Miss M is certainly enjoying hers.

Bekka and I left for Grand Junction about 8 pm on the 23rd. Not exactly my idea of a good time to leave, and I really thought it would be earlier, but the cub scout tour of the police station didn't exactly get out on time. But we left G with Grandpa and took off. By the time we hit the freeway, both M and C were asleep in their car seats. So that at least made for a quiet drive, even if it was going to be almost all night!

The next morning, after sleeping all night, even if it was in the car most of the time, I caught M and C eating breakfast. Not exactly the most cheerful faces, are they?

And this one of Wyatt, who really didn't have anything to be grumpy about because he did sleep in his bed all night.

It seems Wyatt has a pink motorcycle that you plug into electricity to charge the battery. Even uncharged they seemed to enjoy it. Here is Cordelia pushing Miss M.

And Miss M and Mr C:

Here's Ed in his knee brace because he tore his PCL snowboarding. Sounds like it's time for him to maybe start giving up all the young people sports! I was only a little older that him when I tore my ACL, and I didn't give up skiing. It took Clyde breaking his leg for us to taper off on that sport!

M, Wyatt and Cordelia doing something at the table. Look how Wyatt is concentrating on what they're doing. We played games and put together puzzles while we were there.

I found these little bubble wands at Walmart before I left, so I picked up a couple of packages, they were 3 for a dollar. And then with a bottle of bubble soap, they had fun. Course Wyatt had trouble with the concept. He thought it was a lollipop and he should be eating it! UGH!

C concentrating on his bubbles, while Wyatt looks over his shoulder.

Cordelia at her birthday party. The kids got to decorate the driveway with all different colors of chalk. I never thought of that for a party game, but it sure got their attention!

All in all it was a good trip.

When I got back, Clyde and Gnarly got into an altercation (have no idea what Clyde did or why Gnarly responded the way he did), but Clyde had teeth marks on both arms. That was Tuesday.
Thursday we took him (Clyde) to the doctor because his hand was all puffy and red. Infection time. He got a tetanus shot and antibiotics.

Friday afternoon the hand was a little more swollen, so it was off to urgent care, where he got two shots in his fanny, and more antibiotics, and told to come back on Saturday for a checkup.

Fortunately, by Saturday, the swelling and redness had gone down. So now he's still on antibiotics.

I've been doing yardwork, and have two more raised garden beds ready to go. I have blackberry and raspberry bushes to plant in them, but didn't plant them today. Good thing, it's been snowing since about 1:30. I've also been spreading the horse manure all over the yard. Clyde gets it with the tractor and dumps it for me and I rake it around. It'll hold moisture so the grass can grow. Maybe someday I'll have a grassy yard.

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