Monday, May 23, 2011

Spring in Colorado...always a surprise!!

Spring is a wonderful season in Colorado. Mostly because a lot of years, it doesn't actually happen. We jump straight from ski season into road repair season. This year, road repair season has actually started, and ski season isn't done with yet. Therefore, no spring.

May 5, 2011:
I think it's really cool to see spring flowers covered with snow! They always look so pretty.

Then, two weeks later we had the craziest weather. These are coming home from shopping on May 19.

Looking west, there was blue sky and sunshine.

Looking north it was a completely different season.

And looking east, still winter.

What you can't see here, is about 15 miles east of here there was a tornado. And we had lightning and thunder during the snow storm. I call that thunder snow.

Autumn is another season that can disappear overnight here, but you'll have to wait til September or October for those pictures.

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