Sunday, January 26, 2014

January 26, 2014

OK, next grandchild.

No more grumbling about school discipline.  Maybe someday I will write about my thoughts about homeschooling.  Thank goodness I don't have any kids still in school!

So Friday night, I took Gabe home and picked up Miss Molly.  She wanted to come out.  I thought there would still be snow on the skate park, so we didn't bring the skateboard.  That was a big fail, there's no snow on the skatepark.!

Instead, we fed the ducks.  And there were a lot of ducks.  Molly had to wade thru them and drop the cracked corn in little piles.  The ducks were pretty aggressive about the food!.

As you can see, they came right up to her.  The big one in this picture tried to take the bag away from her.

After the ducks, and hot chocolate we went home and painted.  Then on the way to taking Molly home, we stopped at Wendy's for lunch.

Grandpa brought his Kindle.  I have to say that since he got that thing, he isn't very good company.  He's always reading now.  But it sure is a lot quieter around the house too.

Miss Molly.  Her shirt says "if mom says no, ask dad".  That's pretty much how it goes at that house.  Molly has had her dad wrapped around her little finger since she was a day old!

And me.  Molly took the picture.

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