Sunday, April 6, 2014

April 5, 2014

The last week in March, these two kids came to visit for Spring Break.  Their parents came with them, and we had almost an entire week with them.

The first night here (Tuesday), Wyatt and Rosie were downstairs playing.  The next thing we knew was that Wyatt had lost one of his front teeth (already loose).  He was crying and said that Rosie did it!  When all was said and done, we still didn't know how Rosie had knocked his tooth out, but out it was!

And by the end of the next day, the other front tooth was out also.  Poor Wyatt looked like Snagglepuss!.

Cordelia was her usual sunny self in the mornings

Grandpa got Rina out and took the kids for a ride.  We are leading kids on her right now because she is new to us, and we don't have a fenced in place to ride in (all my round pen panels are still over at the 80 from the dog trials last year).

On Saturday, since Ed and Rachel were in Denver, we took Cordelia and Wyatt to the zoo.  Probably not a good idea in hindsight (which I will explain later), but we had fun.  Even if it was cold when we got there!

This is Wyatt hanging over the fence to the lion enclosure.  It's all new, and this is above the enclosure.  You can see the lions from down below also.  This is one of the new exhibits from last year.  And don't worry, I didn't let him climb any higher!

Wyatt in the airplane by the rhinocerous exhibit.  He got in the pilot's seat and wasn't letting anyone else have a turn, he was so busy flying!

Here's a shot of Cordelia.  Looks like she was having fun!

Then, over by the wallabys, we went through a brand new exhibit.  It was a reptile exhibit, where there used to be birds.  I shot the next two pictures thru the cage.

This was one of the last things we did.  Wyatt gravitated to the four wheeler just like any little boy would.  It's a display, and it is chained in place so the kids can climb on.

Now, the retrospective:

I had noticed that I was out of breath climbing the stairs, so I dug out my oximeter to see if I could tell why.
I discovered that my O2 level was in the low 80's, but if I stopped, I recovered pretty quickly.  Except my pulse rate was elevated.  I finally said something to Clyde on Sunday, and on Monday I called the doctor with my symptoms.  He wasn't in, they said maybe I should go to urgent care.  So we trucked off to the Urgent Care place  (the only one in town that we will go to).  We got there about 11:30, and didn't leave until 6pm.

The doctor couldn't find anything wrong, except that a quick walk around the office caused my O2 lever to drop into the low 80's.  Not good.  She even called the pulmonologist to see if he had any ideas.  She sent me home on O2, placed an order for an echocardiogram, and told me to see my primary card doctor asap.
She pulled blood (about 7 vials total, all came back normal), did a chest xray and finally resorted to a cat scan.  Nada.

Next day, at my doctor's, he said it was time for the pulmonologist, and we made an appointment for Thursday.  All of the doctors said that I should stay off the treadmill, even with O2, until they knew what was going on.

So, we still don't know, the pulmonologist spent an hour with us, sent us home with a bunch of information, and is waiting for the heart ultrasound before progressing to more tests, and a sleep study to see how I was breathing.  So we're not done with this one yet....

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