Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August 19, 2014 Molly's Birthday

Molly's birthday present:

I asked Molly back in June what she wanted for her birthday.  Her response was "a baking set".

Which I promptly forgot about, so last week I asked her again what she wanted for her birthday, and her response was "a baking set".  So for her 9th birthday, I got her a "sort of" baking set.

I got the brightest, most colorful measuring cups and measuring spoons I could find, a batter bowl with a red lid, and a good wisk.:

Then, I moved on to cooking.  She does like making eggs and pancakes for breakfast, so for that I bought her a purple, yes, PURPLE!, frying pan.  I just can't believe that I found a purple pan for her.  Purple is her favorite color, and then I got two spatulas, one purple and one more fuschia colored.

And then I bought her a good muffin/cupcake pan, some bright cupcake liners, and a ladybug timer so she can know when to remove her stuff from the oven.  And, I had a kids cookbook from Pampered Chef that has easy stuff for kids to fix for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks..

I don't know if she went home and fixed pancakes for dinner or not, but she is all set to be a chef!

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