Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Grandpa's devotion

Grandpa, also known as Clyde, has been looking for a special thing for Gabriel. He found one on, and made arrangements to go look at it today, Easter Sunday.

So we woke Sunday morning to a lot of snow. But, Grandpa really wanted to get this thing. So we left. There are no pictures of our leaving, we had problems with the defroster in the truck. It was blowing hot air, but wouldn't blow it on the windshield, which kept fogging over. After almost running off the road, and fiddling with the switch, it finally kicked in, but we were off the dirt road and onto pavement by then. Hodgen looked like this:

And Hwy 83 going south wasn't much better.

And here we are at the south end of the trees on 83, still not improving much. But as you can see, the road is a little clearer. The temp stayed around 31-32 degrees, so it wasn't completely sticking. We did see a lot of people who could obviously see where they were going, but weren't particularly interested in who could see them. In other words they were driving with their lights off!!

When we got to the interstate, the roads were clear. And by the time we got downtown, it was raining, mixed with snow. We looked at the thing, bought it, and loaded up the truck to come home. Easy going until we got to the north end of Black Forest Road, north of the trees. Then it was bad again. We followed the snow plow all the way to the dirt road.

The plow turned left and stayed on paved road. We turned right onto unplowed dirt road and made our way slowly home. The snow was getting deeper, and the visibility was getting shorter.

But we made it! And Grandpa brought the thing in that he had to have for Gabriel, and started putting it together and figuring out how to work it.

Now I just need to get to a store and get him a couple of books on astronomy for his birthday, and the next time he comes out, he and Grandpa can stay up and go out to look at the stars and planets in the dark.

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Rachel said...

I love all the pictures! Stay warm.