Monday, April 27, 2009

Grand Junction

A quick update and a story. We are in Grand Junction watching the granddaughter while Mom has her new baby brother. We arrived last night, and Rachel went to the hospital this morning. We are waiting for the new baby to arrive.

Meanwhile, we took The Granddaughter to see her mom at the hospital.
She led us into the correct door, we got instructions and headed up to Labor and Delivery. When we got the Granpa asked The Granddaughter to ask where her mom was.

So, in true five-year-old fashion, The Granddaughter walked up to the nurse at the nurse's stattion and demanded "Where's my mother?"

Nurse: "What's your mother's name?"

The Granddaughter: "Momma!"

Nurse: "OK."

After visiting Rachel for a few minutes, we went to the park, then to Burger King for lunch. When we got home, Amanda had tried (unsuccessfully) to get out the back door. Now the doorknob has dents in it where she bit it when it didn't open She did manager to open the pantry door, and enjoyed a buffet while we were gone. I have the only dog I know of that can open unlocked doors!

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