Wednesday, July 8, 2009

In My Backyard

This has been a very wet spring here in Colorado. The snow started the first week in April, and continued every weekend. Then the rain started in May for every weekend and continued into June....All the way into July. So, we got a lot of color in the form of wildflowers.

We also got quite a few of these little guys, but since it's getting hot and dry now they are going away.

We have these yellow flowers. I don't know what all the flowers are so I call them yellow or pink or blue flowers. I know, quite original!

These are wild yellow snapdragons. Yes, they do grow wild around here.

This is a wild rose, and they are all over the place this year. You could almost call them a weed if they're growing in the wrong place.

Here are some purple flowers that grow on a stem, I don't know what they are.

Here are some purple flowers that almost look like snapdragons.

I found these pretty pink flowers by the fence. There are not many of these.

No flowers here, I was too late to get a shot of the irises. These are seed pods, and hopefully they'll spread the seeds around. I started with one patch of these wild irises and now they have grown to three separate patches. They grow wild, I don't do anything.

Here is a picture of the blue Colorado columbine, the state flower. I have seen these flowers growing wild on 10,000 foot mountain passes.

Here are some flowers that I think look like blue bells, even it that's not their real name.

I didn't show the thistle, that we were spraying when I found all these flowers. The thistle is a noxious weed, and very hard to get rid of. Our big patch, when we moved in, we have gotten almost all gone, and that place is now full of wild flowers.

Tomorrow we find out about Clyde's job. Wells has started cutting back on personel after buying Wachovia.

Stay tuned.

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Rachel said...

Cute little froggie! Love, love the pictures of the wildflowers.

Fingers crossed for Clyde. I am sure they need him, so don't worry to much!