Monday, August 9, 2010

More Pictures of ....guess who?

OK, so I publish a lot of pictures of the grandkids, and what they are doing. Last weekend, we had the two, M and CJ. They got to play in the water, and then help Grandpa put together another raised bed for plants. We had one rhubarb plant, and were getting another. Unfortunately, we were short of dirt, so they didn't get planted. But here are the three of them building the planter.

Now for some other news. Can anyone guess what the cats are doing here?

Well I can tell you. They are looking for the mouse. That's right, I have a mouse in the kitchen, and the cats know it! Now you would think that with six, that's right, six!! cats in the house and another three in the garage at night, that mouse would be history. But no! All they can do is look at the dishwasher intently, like it's going to suddenly materialize in front of them. With my luck, they wouldn't be able to catch it anyway. So, due to the amazing mouse catching skills of my cats, we went to Walmart in Monument for mouse traps.

Guess what? No mouse traps. We looked, then we asked, and the guy looked in the same place that we had looked, and then Clyde went to Customer Services and asked, and that guy went back to the same place to look. All the while, Clyde is muttering about how they mustn't have mice in Woodmoor (rich peoples place to live). This guy isn't going to fail, though. "Hurmph! They must be in the back" and off he goes to look. So we end up with two mouse traps, the live trap kind so when we catch a mouse, we can take it outside and let it go......presumably so it can find it's way back into the house. And guess what? The mouse hasn't found the trap yet!

So this weekend, we got up and went to feed the ducks. After all, how would they live if we didn't show up periodically with food?

Here's the three duck feeders.

Back at home, we got the pool out. It's really a water trough for the horses, but it's big enough for M and CJ to have fun in. I didn't catch the first time CJ jumped in...he surprised me and fell flat on his face! But I did catch the next time. Oh the fun you can have with a little water when it's not a bath!

They brought their bicycles and helmets. M was out riding on Saturday night, and then wanted to go play in the sand. When asked if she wanted to take the helmet off, she replied, "No. It's going to rain, and I need to keep my 'rain' bucket on."

So that's what she remembers from when Clyde called it a 'brain bucket' last weekend. And the helmets remained 'rain buckets' all weekend!

And to finish off the day, nothing's better than a picnic on the patio at the kids table.

Another lovely weekend, except I had to mow the lawn (a very loose description). I waited for the rain, then put down fertilizer and weed killer, and wouldn't ya know.....a couple of hours later it poured and washed all the weed killer off the weeds! So I will continue to have a lawn made up of grass and weeds. At least they're green!

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