Saturday, August 21, 2010

This is the life....,.

Today, for the first time all summer, I took my lunch out to the new patio, sat at the picnic table, and read a book. The weather was great, blue skies, a little breeze. So peaceful.

Then it was back to work on the yard. Got the truck backed up to the last pile of slash and found four old Christmas trees out there, no needles, but lots of little branches that poked and scraped as I loaded them in the back of the truck to take to the slash place.

I was hoping, actually deluding myself, that I would only have two more trips to the slash place, and I could start cutting down the dead trees. Unfortunately, I was completely delusional!
The size of that pile looks like I could make a career of taking branches to the slash program.

This will never end! A condominium with no yard is looking better and better! Or winter....whichever comes first.

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