Thursday, September 9, 2010


More kids from the weekend. In descending age. G up first.



CJ with Bekka(He showed up on the sleepy side, which was good, because he spent the rest of the time until bedtime chasing G and C up and down the sidewalk.)

W: (he loves his daddy's computer so much!)


But I have to say, he did like the book I brought him, and he would come to me with it to read. But I still couldn't pick him up. And he even cozied up to Grandpa (which picture I can't post because Grandpa wasn't completely dressed.) And I have to say, Grandpa did have a computer beside him, so maybe he cozied up to the computer and not Grandpa.

Fish at the Butterfly place. There was only one butterfly, and my picture of it has the butterfly out of focus, but all the leaves around it are in focus. Only me!!

And right after I took this picture, Grandpa had to have the camera because I wasn't taking enough pictures for him.....So I got stuck with the coolpix, and haven't unloaded those pictures yet....more to come.

On another note, I had a very busy day today. Left just before 9 am to pick up horse meds, a receipt from the periodontist, and a parking tag for school before a 10 am class. First thing to go was the horse meds, next thing to go was the periodontist as I was running late. At house plus 10 miles I remembered the stuff I was supposed to bring for Linda. At house plus 25 miles I remembered that I didn't bring an ice chest for the groceries.

At class time - 20 minutes, I pulled into the parking garage, and all the spots for PPCC were taken. Overflow spot was full also. Found a spot next to a wall that was jutting out, and scraped the right rear door on that. Backed up, and took two parking spots marked compact cars only. Figured my truck is a short bed. That's compact!

Got to the office for the parking tag, and mine's still good.

Got out of class, picked up the receipt and met Linda for lunch--Happy Birthday Linda!

Went to Sam's, then had to bring those groceries home. On the way, I stopped by the vet's and got the horse meds. Good thing Grandpa volunteered to come with me to WalMart and the library, because I was going to whine if he didn't!

Busy day, I need to go to bed now!


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Shamrockgirl said...

didnt CJ show up asleep??

anyways, i had a great time visiting!