Sunday, September 12, 2010

Grand Junction, butterfly place

Here are some of the pictures that I took with the Nikon point and shoot, since Grandpa took the other camera away......First up is Grandpa in his stylish shorts outfit.

Next up is Ed. I caught him looking at his pictures on this camera. He likes to take pictures just like Grandpa.

Here's C on the jolly green giant. If you look closely, she has a mustache from the smoothie they were giving away.

And here is the little W. Doesn't look too happy, does he? But at least he's not crying. And it was hot, at least hotter than we're used to.

Ok, I found pictures from CJ's birthday party, and M's party, and more feeding ducks, this time with a different cast. I'll post them next. Hope you enjoy the pictures. I sure do. Leave a comment so I know you came. I'm not doing this for the galaxy, you know..LOL

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