Sunday, September 1, 2013

August 31, 2013 ZOO Day!

Grandma scored a win today at the zoo.  Got up at 6:30, and saw that this was the first day of the balloon fest.  No competition at the zoo today!  Plus it was Saturday, and they open for members only at 8 am.  So we would have an hour with the zoo almost to ourselves.  So.........I woke Grandpa and the kids, and announced "We're going to the zoo today!"

And I was right.  The place was deserted.  And the animals were moving around.

Following is pretty picture intensive.  The flowers were still blooming.

We saw a pea hen with her baby......

The bamboo was growing.....

The plane beside the black rhino exhibit.  Jumbe, the rhino has only made it out to his display pen a couple of times.  He is very shy.  We watched the two attendents try to coax him with food, but alas, he heard a motorcycle, and turned and went back inside!

The meerkat sentry.  I called "here kitty, kitty" and he turned and looked at me!

The zoo is populated with life size sculptures of the animals, and the kids really enjoy playing on them.  Here Gabe is sitting on the baby elephant's head while Connell plays monkey with the tusks.

This elephant has ears that flap, and you can talk for him....they like this one too!

Here is a realistic statue of an elephant walking out of the plants at the elephant exhibit.  It is actually a part of the fence, and he seems to really be walking out.

Molly and Connell sitting on a leopard....

Molly by herself..

The wallabies were out, and very friendly.  We could get really close to them, and a zookeeper brought out a couple of babies.

Petting the Wallaby.

The mountain lions were out and about.  Usually, by mid-day it is hot and they are all asleep.  Not this morning.  We even saw one growl and hiss at another one.  Big surprise for the kids, they actually are cats!



One of the lowland gorillas clutching it's food.  They had just been fed, and were all grabbing up their food and making off with it.  They were definitely not in a sharing mood!

Gabe in the airplane.  This is one of those things that you can play in, and it's right over the rhino exhibit.

Had a really good visit!  And after, they all spent their allowance money in the gift shop, the highlight of their trip!

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