Sunday, September 29, 2013

September 29, 2013 Misc

Another month almost gone, and I didn't post but once.

So here's some pictures I took to post, and never got around to.  The flowers a couple of weeks ago.  The sunflowers are gone, I've chopped down the stems, and what heads that were left with seeds on them are on the ground for the squirrels and the small birds.


We took the kids to feed the ducks one weekend.  We've gotten smarter, and now I have a 50 pound sack of cracked corn in the garage to feed to the birds.   Much better for them than the stale bread.

Molly being stylish--she had a new beret from the Army Surplus Store, and her cowboy boots on.  Sometimes I really love their choices!

The trees in the morning as the sun rises.  I like the way the sun hits the tops, making them glow and the way the glow progresses as the sun comes up more.  This is a sweet time for photographs because the light is so good, and gives everything a golden glow. 

Even the horses!

I had planned to post pictures of our trip to Castlewood Canyon today.  I thought the trees would be turning and it would be pretty.  This was a major park visit fail.

The dogs haven't been walked since sometime in February.  They were very bad.  Gnarly pulled out of his collar and took off.  Rosie tried to take off, but I managed to hold on to her.....barely.  She was freaking out because Gnarly was gone!

As I was trying to get Rosie back into the truck so I could help Clyde chase Gnarly, I overheard several people coming up the trail talking about this big Newfoundland that looked just like a bear!  Well, I knew that Clyde and Gnarly were still in the park!

I finally got Rosie to jump into the truck, and I shut her in and took off after Gnarly.  They were back up by the visitor center. 

Clyde yelled to me to get the truck.  Oops, Clyde had the keys, so he dropped them in the road for me to come and get, and continued on after Gnarly, who was now heading east towards the entrance to the park and Highway 83.

I snagged the keys and ran back to the truck.  No easy feat on the uneven terrain with the cactus scattered all around!.  Got the truck, and headed to the entrance.  Gnarly recognized the truck, and stopped as I pulled up next to him and got out.

Poor Clyde wasn't very far behind, he came up and put the collar and leash on Gnarly and guess what?
Gnarly was ready to go for a ride!

Needless to say, Clyde and I were huffing and puffing, so the trip ended then.  No pictures, no walk.  Just Gnarly merrily leading us on a chase thru the park!

I'm calling a dog trainer tomorrow and we're starting lessons.

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