Friday, September 4, 2009

The artists

I have some very talented grandkids. They are becoming quite the artists.

Mr G drew this last spring, while he was still in 1st grade. See if you can decipher who it is and what it says. I thought is was really creative, and not something I would have expected from a just turned 7 year old.

I received the above in the mail today from Miss C, way out in Grand Junction. It's a birthday card for Grandma. She put Grandpa in it too. And isn't it nice that she only put 4 candles on the cake? She thinks I'm young!

I had one that Miss M drew of her daddy (and I knew immediately who it was) but I think I sent that home with her parents. I'll have to keep the next one to post.

CJ is quite the artist too, but he draws on himself so I have nothing to scan in from him. Maybe someday when he learns to draw on the paper! LOL!!


Rachel said...

From Miss C's mouth:

Happy Birthday!

We miss you!

Kent and Kim said...

Beautiful! Happy birthday!!!

Shamrockgirl said...

i keep hoping he will find the paper with all those markers!! you should see what he does to the carpet... :(

XUP said...

Are you familiar with the Harold and the Purple Crayon series of books? That first drawing sort of reminded me of that. Your artistic grandkids would love these books if they haven't seen them yet