Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A second day at the zoo.....

On Sunday, we went to the zoo again. Since we've already paid for as many times as we want to go, it seemed like the right thing to do.

G and M were ready to go:

We saw the birds (this is an african crane) at the giraffe exhibit:

After watching the giraffe stampede (where they let all the giraffes outside) we saw these little creatures (and I have totally forgotten what they are):

Next up were the lions, and rockclimbing outside the lion exhibit:

Then on to the Rocky Mountain Wild exhibit. The mountain lions were being fed in one half of their pen. Food was in feed sacks so they could tear it apart. They have 3 boys and one girl all from the same litter. The boys have been fixed, and the girl is on birthcontrol, but she still attracts the boys from off the mountain:

M standing on the fence out side the lions:

The otters were out swimming, so we had to stop and see them:

Then we got to the grizzly bears. They were out walking around, not swimming like we saw before:

The two of them put on quite a show wrestling:

Then we were done, and left for home:

And this is what I found after we had been home for a couple of hours. He insists that he was reading his book, but I have evidence otherwise:
The book isn't even open!

I guess the grandkids wore him out. Meanwhile, I washed dishes, clothes, and did some other stuff.


Kent and Kim said...

Looks like a fun time at the zoo! Were the ones you couldn't remember meerkats?

susie said...

Yes, that's what they were.