Monday, September 14, 2009

The zoo.....

On the Sunday of Labor Day weekend, Clyde and I joined the zoo. Yes we did. We signed up for the grandparents membership with five grandchildren. So we can go anytime we want, and not have to pay. Seriously, I think 3 trips will pay for the membership, and we still have the whole year to go. And, the best part, we don't have to see everything in one trip. Which, I have to say, is a little hard on the little ones.

So here we have Miss M perusing the map to determine where we are going:

And here she is after deciding, looking quite satisfied:

CJ is a little more leary, not knowing exactly what he's gotten himself into:

Here he is leaving the treehouse right before we went to the My Big Backyard:

And they have a pond in My Big Backyard that is full of fish. CJ had to get a close look! Any closer and he would have been in the pond with the fish:

While in the Big Backyard, we went into the upper part of the treehouse. Miss M sat in an egg and pretended that she was hatching:

We had a great time and we are looking forward to going again! But it's hard to take pictures when you're chasing kids at the same time so we didn't get many taken.

Maybe next time......


Rachel said...

There is always a next time. Sometimes the memories are better than the pictures. The pictures you did manage are PRECIOUS!!!

Rachel said...

oh, did you get the pictures I emailed you?

Solitare said...

So cute, I love the zoo!