Sunday, March 14, 2010

And another one gets older

Yesterday, while I was talking about my paintings in class (my midterm presentation) and how the assignments had blocked my creativity.....So much that I had rearranged all of my art stuff into a studio down in the family room...You know, anything to avoid the painting!

Anyway I got a call from Cordelia! She was calling to thank me for my birthday gifts. Yes, she is now a 6 year old! My goodness she has grown up so fast!

So, this is brief, but I hope that she had a very happy day! I talked to her again, later, while they were shopping at Wal Mart, and then Clyde talked to her even later after we got home with the kids.

Now it's off to clean the kitchen, we are making cupcakes for Bekka's birthday (March 17th).

Hope everyone is having a good day, week, month. It's cold here and we're supposed to get rain (maybe snow, but I'll take the rain). I'm so sick of winter. I want warmth!!

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