Sunday, March 14, 2010


Today dawned cold and snowy. Definitely an inside day. Since Wednesday is Bekka's birthday, we made cupcakes. Me and CJ and M.

Course the best part was licking the utensils, especially from the frosting, which I must say was excellent. I found the recipe for these Chocolate Malt cupcakes on
Noble Pig's blog. She has a lot of very good recipes. These were made from scratch

So here are the kids, busily licking:

And here is a closeup of M. I accidently spilled some of the confectioner's suger on the counter, and believe me, they enjoyed cleaning it up!

And here's CJ:

After we got the frosting made, I frosted, and the kids put the marashino cherries on top. Believe me, it was a challenge to get the cherries on the cupcakes. I think they ate at least half of them!

And here's a closeup of the 21 cupcakes that we made. I sent 10 over to Bekka and I'm taking some of my 10 to work tomorrow. Definitely don't want these sitting around the house!

After all this, the kids shared one cupcake, and then had lunch. I can't believe they were still hungry, but they both ate up their sandwiches!.

I must be in a domestic mode, because tonight I made dinner. Well, except for the steak that Clyde cooked, and the tomatoes and mozarella cheese that he cut up. I made Pioneer Woman's Mushroom Burgundy steak sauce. Wow, it is ever good!!

And simple to make.

I don't think that woman has ever had a bad recipe. This is not the recipe that is in her cookbook, but off the cooking part of her blog. I think we're going to try the recipe in her cookbook too!

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Rachel said...

The cupcakes looks so yummy!