Sunday, March 21, 2010


Spring has finally arrived. Today is the first day of spring.

Spring sunrise:

Friday morning dawned cold, foggy and snowy. Winter storm warning, complete with blowing snow. We left about 9 am to try to do our grocery shopping. Because of the weather, Clyde was coming with me. We pulled out of the drive, turned left, and then left again to go down the hill. At the bottom, we turned left again......And
Gasp!! (That was me). We slid to the side of the road. Clyde said "Don't make those noises!" Overlooking the precipice, I said "Go back home".
Clyde backed up, saying "Boy, it sure is slippery out here!"

Putting the car into the drive, the conversation proceeded like this:

S: Just go back home.

C: It is really slick out here.

S: Go back, we don't need to get groceries today.

C: It is really, really slick out here.

By this time we'd made it to the next street. Clyde turned left, backed up, and turned around. We went home. No more surprises. I went downstairs and worked all day on my tessellation assignment. Pictures later when I get it done. Clyde just worked.

Wednesday, I had made an appointment with the vet for Peaches. For some reason, that we didn't understand, her coat was all matted and clumped, and falling out in places so that her skin showed. Clyde had tried brushing her, and then this happened, almost as if the brushing had caused the problem.

When I picked her up later in the afternoon she looked like this:

Apparently, according to the vet, the brushing Clyde had given her, and stimulated her to try to groom herself. She looked like really old cats look when they groom themselves. Something to do with the saliva that causes the mats to form. So now she has a shaved back. I found a "furbuster" at Wal Mart that is supposed to cut the mats out, like the one that the vet uses. Except more fancy. I will have to try that on her. I still have to cut off the mats on her front legs.

Today we went to return library books, get some coffee, and a newspaper, and stop at VI for breakfast. It was too crowded, so we came home and Clyde made omelettes. Now we are doing the floors. I must say that I really like my studio downstairs. We moved the Nordic Trak down this morning. Clyde's suggestion (actually he has been doing some nagging about taking it downstairs.) Of course his reaction to taking it down was "Why, it's just something for the kids to run into while they're playing down there." Sure wish he could make up his mind and stick to it. But it's down there now, by the double doors so I can look outside while I use it.

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Rachel said...

Snow, snow, cold, cold go away!

Hopefully you will start seeing some green and signs of flowers soon.