Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Paintings in the Show

Well, it's been quite a while since I've posted. And I'm the one that's always nagging the kids to update their blogs! Guess I haven't had a lot to say and Clyde posted the pictures of the grandkids and himself at his party last week.

G spent 4 days with us last week, and he left yesterday to visit his dad in .......Hawaii. How's that for luck, he gets a summer vacation in Hawaii, and I've only been there when the ship stopped there for 2 days on the way back from Okinawa.
If only........

I'm posting the paintings that I put in the Palmer Lake Art Group's show at TriLakes Center for the Arts in Palmer Lake, CO. These paintings will be up until June 27 or thereabouts. The center is open from 12 to 4 p.m. Tuesdays thru Saturdays, and they have a lot going on there.

This first one, I've called Desert Gold. I took pictures of these poppies several years ago, when I was visiting my mother in El Paso. They had had a wet spring, and the poppies all bloomed all over the desert at the foot of the Franklin Mountains.

This is another one of a cowhorse working a cow, with the title of "Chasing Cows".
I am so totally bad at coming up with original titles.

The last one I called Blazing Saddle. This has got to be the epitome of originality..NOT. I need to find someone who can come up with titles to go with my paintings. Paintings are not a problem.

OK, what would you have titled these three paintings? If I like your suggestions, maybe I'll hire you!


oldmanfromblackforest said...

The Poppies have been hanging in our bedroom (mine) for many months. Now the wall looks bare and I appreciate them even more.

I thin the horse(Daisy and Robert (the Cowboy) chasing a cow down the fence is really very nice. I want that one too...

I didn't think I'd like the "abstract" saddle too well but I think it has a very soft, feminine look that I kind think fits my favorite cowgirl....

Rachel said...

You mind if I send traffic your way? Was gonna do a post and give a link to masterpieces.

Let me know!

BTW I love them!

James said...

I have a more original title for 'Blazing Saddle' about 'Painting for James because it goes SO well with the other ones' =D

Stephanie said...

Hi, love the artwork. I tried to come up with some titles and thought of these

1. high desert bloom
2. down the fence line
3. sweet swells

Hope this helps:)