Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Duds for the Dolls

We're back from Grand Junction, so I can show you the new outfit I made for the Fancy Nancy dolls. Miss M took hers home last week, and I took Cordelia's to her. She wore the new outfit all weekend.

Had a great time in Grand Junction, saw the art on the street in the downtown area, ate gelato, walked along the Colorado River in Colorado River State Park (which is a whole 2 blocks from where Ed and Rachel live), drove the scenic drive thru Colorado National Monument and had a ball playing with Cordelia. Wyatt was another whole story.

All of my grandkids (except Wyatt) really seem to like me. That kid spent Saturday and Sunday running after Rachel and crying if I just looked at him. By Monday he was getting tired of all the running and just ignored me. This is going to be a challenge to me. He even let Grandpa touch him! HUMPHFF!

Now I have to start planning my strategy for the next time I see him. I will have him in my corner with the rest of them. I will!

I'll post pictures of the trip as soon as I get them off the camera.


Rachel said...

Cordelia is so lucky to have such fancy clothes for her dolly.

Don't worry about Wyatt he will come around. ;)

Thanks for the wonderful visit. We all enjoyed your guys being here.

Jo said...

Gorgeous doll...!

I remember being terrified of my grandfather, but he won me over.

You will win Wyatt over too.