Monday, July 5, 2010

Colorado National Monument

On Sunday while we were in Grand Junction, we drove the scenic route (only route) thru the Colorado National Monument. The views were great! However it goes really high, and depending on the side of the vehicle you are on, you can be looking straight down for several thousand feet! So here's one of my first pictures of the Monument itself. Most turned out kinda washed out because we went in the middle of the day, but you can bet that I'm going to get back there at sunrise or sunset. It would be awesome!

Here's Rachel with Wyatt. She kept a very close hold on him...kinda like a death grip so he wouldn't get away and run over the edge. And we all watched Cordelia to make sure she stayed away from the edges, even tho there were railings at all the lookout points.

All three of them after Cordelia tried to catch a lizard. Guess she's going to be a tomboy like her grandma was!

And here's Ed and Grandpa at the first stop. I thought we were going to be doing this all the way thru the Monument, but Ed didn't get his tripod out all that much, but Grandpa did!

We picnicked at the visitor center where there was some shade, but we all came back with some sunburn. Very hot and bright out there.

Patio: Yesterday, I finished the patio. Got more flowers to plant, and more potting soil. So what does it do last night (July 4th)? We had a total of four different hail/thunderstorms. It poured!
This morning, I get up and go out and the flowers are all beaten by the hail, the sand between the bricks is all washed away, and the pollen producers from the pine trees are all over the place. So I spent the morning cleaning up the mess. And planting the new flowers.

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