Saturday, July 24, 2010

A little of this, a little of that

A couple of weekends ago, we took M and CJ to Fox Run Park and made a picnic. We played in the water, then ate. We also played with the bubble wands and the kids chased the bubbles.

When we left, we went to the gelato place. Of course, when we got there both kids were asleep. So I went in and got two pints and two cones. By the time I got out, M was awake so we shared my cone on the way home. When we got home CJ was still asleep, so Grandpa threw him on the bed, and laid down beside him. This is just as CJ is waking up.

A couple of days later, I saw the mama deer and the baby! It was out with mama down below the deck. Grabbed the camera, and we put the telephoto on it. Still in the picture it was really small. So this is a blown up picture. You can see the spots on the baby.

The next day, I caught Furby on the railing of the deck. I just love this cat, he is so sedate and calm. He likes being outside this time of the year, yet he doesn't wander very far. And they all come into the garage to get fed at night.

Today, we loaded up the back of the pickup with branches and dragged them to the slash/mulch place. Now that I've mowed the grass under the tree, and I can go get some timbers and make a square around it, and then we'll go back and get a couple of buckets of the mulch to put under the tree. I can hear the old man from black forest complaining about the physical labor now.........

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oldmanfromblackforest said...

The doe, Notch, leaves her fawn to sleep in the deep grass while she grazes and wanders. Let me tell you what a heart stopping event it is when you accidentally stumble onti the fawn(s)....