Sunday, July 4, 2010

A fun time in Grand Junction

Last week, Grandpa and I took a trip to Grand Junction to see the grandkids (and Ed and Rachel too). It was a long drive over the mountains, but we stopped in Castle Rock for sustenance first.

Here is Ed and Wyatt. This is one of the few times that he looked at me and didn't CRY!

Here is Cordelia. I must say that when we pulled up and she was out in the drive way, I mistook her for a six year old version of her father. All she was missing was the curly copper penny hair that he had as a youngster.

Ok, so that was Friday night. Saturday morning when we got up I gave Cordelia the bubble maker that I had brought for her, and Wyatt the pail and shovel, so we all went outside in their backyard. I must say that their backyard is very interesting. There is this huge cottonwood tree, about 50 years old, that shades the entire back of the house. And right behind them is county land, with a farm on it.! Here are Cordelia and Wyatt on the swing in their backyard.

Later that morning, after Cordelia and I took our morning walk, I pulled out the Yarka watercolors and the watercolor block that Clyde brought. She was the only one that did any art work while we were there. Well, I did draw her a picture to paint on the paper, so I guess that should count too.

Here she is painting. She was that focused the entire time.

And Voila! Here's the finished picture.

That afternoon, when Ed was done with some of the yard work that he was working on, we all went to downtown Grand Junction to see the sculptures on the street. It was quite interesting, some of the sculptures were amazing. But the one weHAD to see was the prince as a frog.
Here is Cordelia trying to turn him back into a prince!

On another note, we are still having our run of bad luck. After having to have the transmission rebuilt on my truck (and believe me that wasn't cheap!) the computer died, so now we have a new one. Clyde's truck is getting fixed on Tuesday, and he spent the weekend replacing the brakes on my truck. Also the D100 isn't working correctly, and I sure can't afford to replace that right now........

I need a quiet and uneventful July......!!!!!

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