Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August 13, 2013 Above, in between, and below

This is what we see above us every morning.  By mid afternoon, it's become darker and covers the sky.  Then it rains.  Again.

Gabe rode Squirt again today.  And, Robert let him help work cattle so that Blinky could get some cutting practice in.   Mostly, Gabe just pushed the cows back into the herd, or turned them so Blinky could follow them and keep them cut.  (If you've ever ridden a cutting horse on cows you will understand what I just said, if not, don't worry about it.)

Here Gabe is warming up Squirt.  He loped him for a long time before we started on the cows.  That was good, because one of the cows was a runner, and when Gabe went to push it back into the herd from the other end of the arena, it took off.  Being the cowhorse that he is, Squirt took off also.  I have to hand it to Gabe, he stayed on and managed to stop Squirt.  But, boy, were his eyes big!

Here is Rosie trying to get Lily to play.  Lily is Rosie's mom, and she wasn't having anything to do with the playing.

Now for the below.  I took pictures of our flowers for you.  The pansies are doing great.  We have two boxes of these, and they grow so well.

We planted marigolds in a pot and in the bottom of the sunflower garden.  The ones in the garden are doing great, the ones in the pot not so much.

The sunflowers are growing just great, like they do every year.  We even have volunteers growing in the driveway from seeds that fell last year.  And, yes, I've let them continue to grow there even tho I pulled out all the weeds.  They look so cool!

And this plant (oats, I believe) is growing in the bed of the truck again this year.  We take our garden with us when we go places.  I don't know anyone else who does!!

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