Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August 26, 2013 Refreshing

Back to the word for the day, something I have completely missed for the last couple of months!

Today's (Monday) word is "refreshing", and after a long hot day, this margarita does fit the bill!

 When we got to 3 Margaritas, Clyde went to back into the parking space.  It's a really narrow parking lot, only 2 rows of parking separated by a drive.  We back into the row across from the restaurant so that we didn't have to back out of a spot, we could just pull forward when we left.  But there was someone coming, so Clyde backed in quickly.

Me:  Uh, Clyde, you missed the parking space.

Clyde:  I know, I'll fix it after this guy goes thru.

Pulls out, and repositions the truck and backs up.

Me:  Uh, Clyde, you're on top of the line on this side.

Clyde:  Ok

And he pulls forward, moves over some and backs up.


Me: Uh, Clyde, you hit the fence behind us.

Clyde pulls forward a little,  gets out of the truck, goes to look at the damage, and promptly drops his phone.....

Me:  Uh, Clyde, you dropped your phone.

Clyde:  I KNOW!!

I think he was glad to get inside and get himself a margarita.  The evening went a lot better after that!

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