Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Late Christmas/New Year's Wish

Well, I'm on time as usual. Just a little late. This was supposed to be my Christmas card. It is a watercolor of my granddaughter when she was just over one year old and Daisy at one of the horse shows at the Colorado State Fairgrounds. I have been meaning to do something with that photo for several years now. I'm glad I waited until I started doing watercolor, because even tho I think this would look great in colored pencil, I think I like it a lot better in watercolor.

I have many other photos of my grandkids to turn into paintings. They are my favorite subjects, and always give me a good pose. (Even when they aren't trying.)

I've enrolled in watercolor class again at the community college, Watercolor III this time. I hope to get more paintings done and get to work on my backlog of reference photos.


Rachel said...

I see there is a watermark!! That means I can steal the image and put it on my blog!!! YEAH!! ;)

I love it Susan, but of course you know that. Glad to see you continuing on with your watercolor classes.

supermom said...

I am Rachels friend and thought I would stop by and tell you this picture is AMAZING. What a lucky little girl to have such a talented grandmother.