Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Winter woes on the ranch

Winter is always interesting around here. We haul hay to the horses in a 16 foot dump trailer hooked up to one of our trucks. Sunday it was nice and sunny here. Most of the snow was gone, except in some areas where it had been deep. Unfortunately, that means that there is a lot of mud and soft snow. So Hubby and I hauled a large bale of alfalfa over to the horses. When he backed up into the pen to dump the hay he got stuck, all the way up to the hubs of the truck wheels, and all four wheels. We dumped the hay, and then tried to dig the truck out. No cigar.

Called the trainer, he was on his way over. They got the tractor running, hooked up the truck/trailer with a tow strap, and pulled it out. I didn't have to help at all!

Maybe that's because last year, when I did help (maybe not so much), the truck and trailer were buried in the mud/ice/frozen ground until it thawed and dried out enough to get them out.

That's the picture of the truck and trailer above. Three months of stuck, because right after it got stuck in the mud, it snowed....a lot! And all because I didn't understand the concept of jerking on the tow strap. But really, that truck is a dodge one ton dually pickup. And the trailer is heavy too! And I only drive a measly dodge three-quarter ton non dually pickup.

So, I no longer have to help unstick trucks and trailers...

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susiequilts said...


Well I hope the boys learned a lesson....digging out stuck trucks is not our problem when we were not the ones to get it stuck in the first place!
Had they listened to our instructions.....none of this would have happened.

I think I will sign this anonymous just in case the boys read this...but you know who I am!

Signed "Anonymous"