Friday, January 9, 2009

Leader of the Herd

So, the other day, my friend who LIKES to clean stalls comes out with a friend of hers and they CLEANED all the stalls! I like friends like that (but I helped, really I did). She also brings bags of cut up apples for all the horses. After feeding all the apples, they got out the peppermints.
My horses love peppermints (a handy liking when they have to take foul tasting medicine).

Hubby goes in with the horses, and they all line up and wait patiently for their turn to get a peppermint. You can barely see Hubby's head in with the horses. Have you ever seen such nicely mannered horses?

I'm lucky they don't trample me when I go in there with treats!

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susiequilts said...

I am the friend who "LIKES" to clean horse stalls! It happens to be great therapy. When you are mad, man-oh-man can you shovel manure!

I call the picture of hubby and all the horses surrounding him a "group hug".

I love these horses!