Friday, March 27, 2009

Last Sunday, it was 70 degrees here. Warm and sunny. Spring had arrived! It was so nice! Even the grass was starting to turn green. got colder....and colder. And yesterday, we got the blizzard. Blowing snow, cold temps. And it did that for almost 24 hours. Officially we got about 10" of snow, but with the wind, it was deeper in some places.

The horses had to be fed.

The sun was trying to come out this morning when I fed the horses, but the temp was still only 9 degrees. Very, very cold after all the warm temps last week.

And, finally, the sun did come out, and we have blue skies again!

Now, I haven't seen any cars on the road out of here, but there were two tracks this morning, and I saw one SUV come up the hill from down below. I just don't know if they came all the way in from the paved road or got turned back by the drifts. I'll have to go out later and find out. Clyde's plane was canceled this morning from Charlotte because of dense fog there. Now he's coming home late, and we just have to figure out if he can get here from the airport. Not likely, if I can't get out.

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