Monday, March 9, 2009

Our Weekend

This past weekend was a first for us. It was the first time that CJ spent the night with us. M and G spent Friday night and Saturday night, and CJ came up for Saturday night. This kid has no fear of anything except the dog, and he is like a tank going thru the house. He climbed up in my old wooden rocking chair and rocked it so hard it fell over backwards with him in it. He got up and left. The chair's back is broken and if Clyde can't fix it with gorilla glue, then I'm out a rocking chair.

On the other hand, M had a hard time this weekend. She wasn't the center of attention this time. She threw a temper tantrum over the color of her ice cream bowl. When Clyde picked her up to put her to bed without the ice cream, she kicked him where it really hurt, he stumbled into a wall, and now has a broken little toe on one foot. We are splinting it to the other toes with vet wrap (horse bandages) since that's all a doctor could do. And it is really black and blue!

Tonight, we're taking it easy, and relaxing from the strenuous weekend!


susie said...

figured out why no one could post a comment, I think. So someone please try to post a comment....

Solitare said...

What a weekend, I hope this one is a little more restful!

Rachel said...

What an adventurous weekend you all had! Sounds like it was a blast!! lol

Rest up! You gonna try it again this weekend?

Hugs to all and we hope C's toe heals quickly.