Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Downfall--Girl Scout Cookies

This is my downfall. I just love Girl Scout Thin Mints cookies! I have loved them all my life, since I sold them as a Girl Scout when I was a kid. Back then, the box was bigger, the cookies were a white cookie with the chocolate mint coating, and the box only cost $.50. Yes, that's right, fifty cents a box. Did I just age myself here? Yes, it was in the late 1950's, and I would take my cases of cookies and walk around the neighborhood, knocking on doors, and asking if they would like to buy some cookies. No order taking, you got your cookies right then. What seems amazing now, was that I would cover my block without taking a buddy or anyone else with me, and nobody thought anything about that! Times have changed!

Now, I buy the cookies, and in two days, I have eaten two boxes of Thin Mints. That is my downfall. I will eat these cookies as long as they are in the house. In the past I have frozen them, just to keep them around longer. Now I limit myself to two boxes of Mints, two boxes of shortbread, and two boxes of the peanut butter sandwiches (but those are for Clyde, not me.). And the mints are all gone......until next year.

I think the Girl Scouts should sell cookies year round so that when I want a box of Thin Mints, I can just go buy a box. What do you think?


Rachel said...

I have to say that you are not the only one that has this downfall. I have recently discovered Girl Scout cookie ice cream. Dangerous idea! lol

I second the idea to selling them year round. So when do they start selling them?

Hugs to all!

Solitare said...

I love Thin Mints too, I even prefer them straight from the freezer :) When I was a girl scout I sometimes had a buddy with me, but not always(we did take orders though)but definately went door to door. I am all for year-round cookie sales! You could also buy a surplus of cookies and store them in our freezer, then we could ration them out to you throughout the year....I promise I will only eat a box or two (no guarantees on James thoough, we might have to put them under lock and key).

Shamrockgirl said...

LOLZ!!! You truly have always been a fan of the thin mints! I got a few boxes of cookies for the Hubby & Kiddos, but nothing really looked all that great this year. I likes the ones with the animals on them last year and they were gone this year. :(

Gina said...

As long as I don't have to be a cookie mom again I'm all for year round selling!