Monday, June 15, 2009

Graduation and Anniversary

It's been a while since I've posted out here. We've been busy. We did have a party on Saturday. Clyde and I have been married for sixteen years, so we had a BBQ.

But first, we went to a graduation. Friday, Mitch and Susie graduated from National American University. We were racing around on Friday, trying to get ready for the party, so we were rushed getting to the graduation ceremony. Left to go grab something to eat on the way, and heard a "meow" in the truck. We'd brought one of the barn cats with us. Oh well, we kept going, until Clyde realized we had a new computer in a box in the back seat of the truck. So.....we turned around, took the cat and computer home, then went to the graduation. No dinner!

Came home, we were tired, so we went to bed. Besides it was late and we had to get up early on Saturday to go pick up the cakes by 8 a.m. And then we lost a cat! Cream the white cat wasn't inside. Looked all over for her, and finally, looking out the back windows, I see her up the broken tree. So we went out, and coaxed her down, whereupon I grabbed her and held on. She got taken into the house, and slept all day! (Or maybe that was Friday when we found her in the tree. Must have been because she slept all day, and we didn't see her at all on Saturday after James and Solitare got there with their dogs.)

Anyway, no breakfast on Saturday either! James and Solitare arrived, Clyde and James went to the liquor store, and immediately on their return we started making peach margaritas. They do make a great breakfast!

Here are Susie and Mitch with their cake (which I made them take home!).

I did get a picture of Bekka and her younger brother James at the party. We kept going until after 7 p.m.

After almost everyone had gone, everyone took a nap. Except me and M. We stayed up. But CJ was most interesting. Have you ever seen an almost two year old sleep standing up? CJ can! And here's the picture to prove it! And on one leg!

We played Dominion with James and Solitare, M fell asleep, and CJ was still going strong at 10 p.m. when I put him to bed.

Oh, and we got hail again on Saturday. My flowers that were shredded almost two weeks ago, and were just beginning to recover, got shredded again. Bummer. It's been cold and rainy for over a week.


Shamrockgirl said...

thanks for having us all out there - we had fun!

Cindy and Mike said...

Wow wish we could have stayed longer!!!