Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Is this spring? or winter?

We got a lot of rain over the last few days. Rain on Saturday interrupted the horsebackriding, and we all had to run for cover into the trailer and wait the storm out. Then hurry down the hill, hoping all the while not to get stuck in the mud.

Sunday, I think was a little dryer. My grass that I planted is coming up really good. The flowers were looking good too. Emphasis on that last sentence is WERE.

Monday, I went to work, and on the way home, it started raining. By the time I hit the Walker and Shiloh intersection, the rain had turned into hail (but only pea size or smaller) and there was a lot of lightning. Continued driving, even tho I couldn't see very far, and the hail was really making a racket! Got to the drive, and the rope was up to keep the mares in. (Trying to be helpful Monday morning, I put the rope up so that Grandpa could let the mares out. He didn't, so didn't realize the rope was still up.) So, long story short, there was lots of hail coming down, lots of lightning strikes all around, and really close. Now I sometimes do some really not smart things, but getting out of the truck to untie the wet rope hooked to an ELECTRIC fence in a lightning storm wasn't one of the things I would do. I am really afraid of lightning. It's SO fatal!

I sat out in the truck, leaning away from the sides, being dripped on by water coming in thru the rubber weather stripping, and wishing I could fit under the seats! I kid you not, just looking north, I counted over 20 strikes in one minute!
And Grandpa called me and wanted to know if I saw where the lightning hit by the barn. Of course not, my eyes were closed by then, and my hands were over my ears.

I sat out there for an hour, until I could count onethousandone, onethousandtwo, all the way up to onethousandfive, before I would get out to undo the rope. Did you know that lightning can travel over 8 horizontal miles from cloud to ground? That's called a bolt out of the blue. And I wasn't taking a chance!

It rained all night, we got about 6 inches. And Tuesday was no better, still raining and foggy. Today, Wednesday, started out foggy and wet, but the SUN IS OUT now! It's going to be a great day!

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Shamrockgirl said...

it is spring. almost summer in fact. if it were winter the sun would be out. ^_^