Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ugh! Maybe this will help spring come early?

It's 6 a.m. on Wednesday morning. The snow has arrived! But not too much yet. It's quiet outside (and yes, I've already been out, why you ask? Amanda of course!) and the snow is very fine, light stuff coming down. Everything is covered again, but only about an inch so far.

The temp is at 24 degrees. Not as bad as three weekends ago when the high was about 19.

The (make that my) truck has a new driveshaft, it was fixed on Monday. You gotta love a mechanic that comes to you, or better yet, comes to your broken truck, and fixes it by crawling under it in the snow to fix it!

Grandpa's truck has a new seat controller, so now the seat moves back and forth, so both of us can drive it now. But really, Grandpa is the only one that has to drive again.......I'm not driving in this stuff!

So, what's your morning like?


Shamrockgirl said...

well, i was already on my way to work at 6 and now i am sitting here enjoying a cup of coffee. and yes, we got a light dusting of snow and it was cold on the way here.

Rachel said...

Cold and we got our first snow. I wish the truck had a heater. Oh well, we could be without a truck.

Happy to hear you got your truck fixed! YEAH!!

Still waiting for everyone to tell me what movies they wished they had...............



Solitare said...

We have about 5 inches, but the main roads are plowed pretty well. I am working from home today, so I get to enjoy a nice cup of coffee while I work. Glad your truck got fixed! Hopefully you don't have to go out too much in this weather.

susie said...

We went to Monument, I went to walmart and clyde went to wells to hook up his laptop that they sent him. Got gas, went to the library and came home. Been in here ever since, except for when Amanda needs to go out. Got about 5-6 inches, and it's still coming down!