Friday, October 30, 2009

It's going to be a looooonnnnnnggggg winter

Today, I finally got out! Yes, not stuck at home. I can do my shopping that hasn't been done in the last two weeks because of the snow. So, Grandpa warms up the truck and drives it out to the street two times to knock the snow down so I can get out. And get out I did. No problems.
Well, that was the good part.

Went to the doctor's, post office, and Walmart. Then MD's for lunch, and came home. Tootled right along. It was easy!

Then I turned into the driveway. And got stuck right out there by the street. So I hauled the groceries in by walking, and then went out after lunch to dig the truck out. Grandpa was kinda like "What do you think I'm going to do?"

I dug out 3 of the 4 wheels, and started on the one that was really buried, and along comes a neighbor in a red truck with a tow strap.

"Are you stuck?" he asks.

Well, duh! "Yes, I'm stuck."

So he gets out, attaches the tow strap, and he pulls the back to the left, while I back out, and
I'm out! So I stop right there. Not going to get stuck again. Call Clyde, tell him I'm out, and can he please come drive the truck into the driveway.

I bet he was surprised that I got out so fast. Like about 20 minutes of digging was all!

This is the second time in two weeks the truck has been stuck. It's going to be a long winter down here.

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Jo said...

Snow??? Omigosh!

We're in the middle of an El Nino here in Vancouver, and we may not even get snow for the 2010 Winter Olympics. But the palm trees are happy. :-)